Covid 19


Our 7 research questions are:

  1. What kind of challenges do families experience while attempting to adhere to the public health measures put in place? How do they overcome them, and with what outcomes?

  2. How well do individuals understand the measures? In what ways do they interpret them?

  3. How are everyday household routines and practicalities, such as around the accomplishment of paid and unpaid work, schooling/childcare, and food acquisition, affected by the pandemic?

  4. How are these responses and experiences shaped by households’ access to material resources and other forms of social capital?

  5. What intra-household differences are there – i.e. how does position within a family or household (age, generation, and gender) shape experiences?

  6. Have participants’ understandings of family and intimate life changed over the course of the year, and if so, how?

  7. What differences and similarities can be identified across different country contexts?



Our study has 3 Phases:

Phase 1: We will conduct an ongoing literature review focusing particularly on family life and intimacy in challenging times

Phase 2: We will recruit up to 60 households across the UK.  Each member of the family (12 years and above) will participate in our multimodal diary activity (using an innovative online app – Indeemo), over a period of one year. All of our data collection will be conducted on-line.

Phase 3: Towards the end of the project, participants will take part in an online household level interview via Zoom or Skype. 

About Indeemo: A mobile ethnography App and diary tool which we will use in our study. See here for more details. Indeemo have generously donated the use of the app for this project on Covid and Family Life.