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Dr Katherine Twamley is Associate Professor of Sociology at the Social Research Institute, University College London. Her research focuses on gender, love and intimacy, and family, with a geographical focus on the UK and India. Katherine has conducted research on the transition to parenthood, family policies (notably parental leave), understandings of love and marriage, and gender. She is particularly interested in longitudinal and comparative research, to understand how time and context shape experience and meaning.

Twitter: @KTwamley

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Dr Charlotte Faircloth is an Associate Professor at the Social Research Institute, University College London, studying parenting and reproduction. An anthropologist by training, she has conducted  cross-cultural research into parenting culture, with a focus on infant feeding, couple relationships, gender and equality.  Charlotte has used ethnographic and interview based methods in her work, and is particularly interested in intergenerational relationships and childcare.

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Dr Humera Iqbal is an Associate Professor of Social Psychology at the Social Research Institute, University College London who studies families and young people. She has conducted studies on migrant and minority family life and practices, friendship, and parenting across generations. She also is interested in how cultural heritage can help improve wellbeing in individuals. Humera uses mixed methods, arts and film-based methods in her research. 

Twitter: @HumeraIqbal1 

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Dr Nicola Carroll is assisting with the FACT-COVID project at the Social Research Institute, University College London. Her research focuses on families, gender and socio-economic inequalities. She has conducted comparative research exploring work/childcare balance among single parents in diverse situations.  She is particularly interested in using mixed methods and comparative analysis to investigate interplay between public policies and everyday family practices.



Melisa Costinea is a PhD candidate at the Institute of Education, University College London. Prior to this, she earned a PgDip in Social Sciences Research Methods from the same institution, and a BA in Sociology and Film from the University of Aberdeen. Melissa uses ethnography and quantitative research methods in her work. Her research interests include  school belonging, ethnic identity, and academic achievement.

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Rachel Benchekroun is a PhD candidate, research assistant and module tutor at the Social Research Institute, University College London. Her PhD explores how insecure immigration status shapes mothering and intimate/social relationship practices. Her research interests include migration, mothering, couple relationships, family and friendship practices. She is an ethnographer and undertakes in-depth interviewing as well as participatory and mobile methods. She also works with young researchers exploring geographical and social mobilities. Twitter: @RaeBenK20