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 International Consortium on Family and Community in the Time of Covid-19

FACT-Covid (Family and Community in the time of Covid-19)  is part of a larger international network I-CoFACT (International Consortium on Family and Community in the time of Covid- 19)  led by University College London. Across the 10 country case studies, the intention is to investigate the challenges experienced by families during these difficult times of Covid, as well as how they attempt to overcome them. The comparison will allow us better to understand the role of local policies and cultural meanings and practices that shape individuals’ responses to, and experiences of the pandemic.

International partners:

  • USA, led from UCLA

  • Argentina, led from NYU

  • Chile, led from Universidad de Santiago

  • South Africa, led from University of Johannesburg

  • Sweden, led from Boras University

  • Taiwan, led from National Taipei University & Keele University

  • Pakistan, led from the Collective for Social Science Research

  • Singapore, led from the National University of Singapore

  • Russia, led from the National Research University Higher School of Economics

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